Empowering healthcare with real-world evidence

CTcue enables healthcare organizations to bring out the full value of their clinical data through a self-service data platform, powered by AI.

Unlocking the full value of clinical data

Unlocking the full value of clinical data

From value-based healthcare, to optimizing medical guidelines, to reporting on patient outcomes: all of these initiatives require actionable clinical data to derive insights from. CTcue is a privacy by design data solution that gives healthcare professionals direct access to the data they need and empowers them to answer research questions themselves.

A collaborative approach to improving healthcare

A collaborative approach to improving healthcare

Through CTcue, healthcare organizations become part of a network that facilitates many opportunities for collaborative and multi-centre research. New insights, expertise and research questions can be easily shared and tested within this network, because the data in each organization has been formatted and harmonized in the same way. CTcue works with all types of EHRs.

Our Process

How CTcue works


Clinicians report patient findings in EHR.


Extracted data is analyzed and pseudonimized by our AI engine.


Harmonized data is stored in our clinical data warehouse.


Our self-service solution gives users direct access to the harmonized data.



CTcue process infographic
Who is CTcue for?

For anyone looking to improve healthcare through a data-driven approach

Healthcare providers

Use real-world evidence to inform your medical-decision making. Improve treatments and diagnoses, and achieve better outcomes.


Discover answers to research questions with only a few clicks. CTcue provides you with a reproducible method to create datasets. Patient privacy is ensured.


Uncomplicate and speed up the registry process and maintain a continuous data stream as input. The privacy of patients is protected.


Generate evidence-based insights to innovate treatments and quickly assess the feasibility & validation of studies. Only if commissioned by the hospital.

Our guiding principles

These four principles inform all of what we do


Privacy by design

Patient privacy is at the forefront of everything we do. The use of CTcue complies with GDPR legislation. EHR data never leaves the hospital’s servers.


Self-service solution

No database or query writing knowledge is required to work with CTcue. Our easy to use solution gives healthcare professionals direct access to the information they need and empowers them to answer research questions themselves.


Text is an asset

More than 70% of all EHR data is stored as text. Leveraging the value of unstructured data is key to generating meaningful insights from clinical data.


A collaborative approach

Improving healthcare is best done collaboratively. CTcue facilitates a network of organizations to share knowledge, research and expertise.

Success stories

Read what our users say about us

“It’s very pleasant to collaborate with CTcue. You can truly see that they want to improve research and health care through their application.”

“CTcue made it possible to identify patients faster and to collect that data more easily. That way we could make the step towards a national registry.”

“CTcue is a tool that is accessible and easy to use, it enables users to fairly quickly find answers to questions themselves. I think that’s very powerful.”

"Yes, now see that I can import questions from other projects! Super nice!"

"Veelbelovende start om een zeldzaam ziektebeeld beter in kaart te krijgen, de betreffende arts gaat zijn peers erbij betrekken in andere centra. Tijdens de evaluatie heeft de internist zijn waardering voor David niet onder stoelen of banken gestoken: erg content met de samenwerking."

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