About us

We are committed to continuous improvement of healthcare based on real world medical evidence.

Meet our team

We are excited and determined to bring to life a movement, leveraging the full potential of already available EHR data to sustainably improve healthcare. 

We believe that making medical data available and usable is the way to better care. Currently, analysis of digital medical data is hard: data is stuck in text such as doctor notes or letters, it is distributed over various systems and difficult to collect. We make previously unusable patient data available, interpretable and collectable. With CTcue, healthcare professionals can now find and compile data sets themselves and derive insights from clinically relevant information. In a way that privacy is ensured.

Our ultimate motivation? Stimulating better care by obtaining reliable insights from medical data. Enabling healthcare professionals to make better decisions and provide patients with the appropriate care.

The people behind CTcue

Meet the team

Entrepreneurial, user-centered, strongly driven and passionate about healthcare. Combined, we have years of experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, engineering and designing. Our commitment to improving healthcare through technological innovation unites us.

Roel Lakmaker

Founder / CEO

Jochem de Boer

Co-founder / CTO

Fabiën Tesselaar

Full Stack Developer

Nick Visser

UI Designer

Lydia Mennes

AI Specialist

Reinier Kop

Data engineer

David de Jong

Health Informatics Consultant

Bernd van der Veen

Solutions Architect

Sjoerd Groustra

Data engineer

Ruben s'Jacob

Data engineer

Joran Rood

Full Stack Developer

Arianne van Nieuwenhuijsen

Data engineer

Leon van Heesch

Business Development

Tom van den Broek

Business Development

Tim van Mourik

Full Stack Developer

Beata Nyari

AI Specialist

Daan Kras

QA Engineer

Amittai-Shlomo Aharoni

AI Specialist

Roelof Reinders

Data architect

Jochem Bokhorst

Product Owner

Joyce Buikhuisen

Community Manager

Mariska Rijnen

Health Informatics Consultant


We're hiring!

Are you enthusiastic about working at CTcue? Or would you like to know more? Please contact us, we are curious to get to know you!


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